From FirstTutors.com:

Brilliant, Talha is tutoring our daughter for AS level Arabic, and we have found him to be an excellent tutor. He has helped hugely with her essay writing skills, and has made a big difference by encouraging her to broaden the expressions and vocabulary she is using. He seems to genuinely want the best for his students.
Thakir (GCSE and AS Arabic via Skype. UPDATE: The son got an A for his GCSE 2016 and the daughter is now doing her A-level with Arabic-Tutor)

Great teacher, quickly tailors lessons to your learning style. Making a lot of progress quickly!
Frank (Beginner corporate learner)

A. has greatly enjoyed her lessons with you – she has appreciated your punctuality; also your patience with explanations and your pro-activeness in encouraging her to make notes during the sessions. the lessons are enjoyable and your technique of breaking things down to make them easy to understand has helped instill confidence. Many thanks.
Azma (2nd year SOAS student)

Me and my husband have had a few Arabic language lessons with Talha. They have been really brilliant. He is a very patient teacher, he explains the work clearly and gives us ideas as to how to improve where we struggle and most importantly he recognises our strengths and praises us. We really enjoy our sessions and look forward to them. Would highly recommend Talha as a tutor.
Shooborna (Beginner learner and aspiring Alimah)

I am very happy with Talha. He really took the time to understand my (very specific) requests as I already speak the language but need a mish mash of grammar and reading practice. He found relevant material and devised a decent programme. As for logistics, it’s going swimmingly (he’s always on time -even early and was happy to meet me somewhere convenient). Recommend!
Abi (Native speaker needing help on grammar)

Talha has a great approach to teaching Arabic and in one hour I learnt more than in the previous 18 months. Really excited about what the next few weeks have in store.
Ameet (Beginner informal learner)

 Talha possesses all the attributes to be a truly sound and excellent tutor. My son continues to benefit tremendously from his lessons with Talha. The lessons are enhancing his knowledge of Arabic and he is steadily gaining more confidence in the subject.
Zeenat (1st year SOAS student. UPDATE: her son failed his end of year exam but after tutoring he got one point less than a first for his retake)

Excellent tutor who is constantly considering what might be the most useful way for his tutee to learn and what will be the most useful resources for them. As well as clarifying problems I was having with the Arabic language he also pushed me forward into new areas of understanding.
Rosamund (1st year SOAS student)

Great communication – speedy replies and clear sharing of information.
Fern (Beginner corporate client)

Talha is a fantastic teacher and I would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to learn Arabic.

Over the past 6 weeks he has helped me learn the language so I can begin to converse with my wife’s Egyptian family.

Talha brings to every lesson an impressive level of enthusiasm and a thoughtful, structured approach which I have found to be both enjoyable and productive.

The progress I’ve made thus far is well beyond my expectations and I look forward to continuing my lessons with Talha.
Daniel (Beginner informal learner)


Daniel's handwritten homework after his 3rd lesson with Arabic-Tutor.co.uk (shown with permission)

Daniel’s handwritten homework after his 3rd lesson with Arabic-Tutor.co.uk (shown with permission)


Talha is a very good teacher. His strong communication skills and engaging manner create a friendly environment that greatly facilitates the learning process.

He tailors our lessons to my needs and I feel like I am making progress quickly.

All in all, I enjoy my lessons with Talha and would strongly recommend him as Arabic tutor.
Stephen (Beginner informal learner)

From TutorHunt.com:

Talha has a very systematic and enthusiastic approach towards teaching Arabic. He makes the experience better by explaining in a very creative and patient manner. He even stays a little longer to ensure that the student has understood the topic. Would recommend!
Meenu (Postgraduate SOAS student)

Upon meeting with my daughter and discussing her needs for over an hour, Talha decided she didn`t really need a tutor right now. We were satisfied with his decision and found him to be a competent and reliable tutor and would have been more than happy to hire him.
Uzma (1st year SOAS student)

Other testimonials:

Talha taught our Level 1 Arabic course based on the first 8 chapter of al-‘Arabiyya Bayna Yadayk over a 12 week period preceding the start of Ramadan 2016. He was prompt and professional in dealings. The students enjoyed his classes and gave positive comments. We are pleased he will resume teaching with us.
Shahan Alom, Project Manager, Jibreel Institute

Talha tutored my son for iGCSE Classical Arabic via skype. My son is fluent in Arabic and so the help he required was very specific and high level. The exam required command in both Arabic and English and was very challenging. We had only ten weeks left before the exam when I got in touch with Talha. After the initial meeting, Talha made an assessment of my son’s level and started giving him lessons. It was exactly what my son needed – Talha made him feel very comfortable and relaxed even while tackling hard translation exercises. I feel we got so much more out of the tutoring than the actual teaching – My son feels he has a friend, uncle and teacher all in one. In fact, a few weeks after the exam, my son realized that his English had even improved due to Talha’s detailed and meticulous teaching technique!

Talha also devoted time outside of the actual lessons to research and recommend material to my son that would be of benefit.

I am very grateful to have Talha as my son’s tutor – I hope he will continue to teach him through his AS/A level Arabic course.

Whatever your level or needs are – I would definitely recommend him.
Umm Sulayman, iGCSE Classic Arabic (UPDATE: her son went on to get an A for his exam and is now doing his AS and A2 Arabic)

I have found arabic-tutor.co.uk to be exceptionally good. Talha is obviously well rounded in his Arabic knowledge which becomes very evident when we discuss the easiest to the most complex of Arabic language matters. He has a very good capacity to explain in a simple style and has always been punctual with our lessons. After having tried various teachers, it is a true blessing to have come across Talha. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any eager Arabic students out there.
Faisal (Intermediate casual learner via Skype)

The session involved us watching a film in which there was a lot of Arabic spoken. Then Talha gave us an introductory lesson to the Arabic language. He was very good at getting us to speak to each other using introductory phrases, and used helpful techniques for explaining pronunciation. I came out of the lesson with a renewed desire to learn Arabic.
Franck, Deptford Cinema and London Learning Co-op (Introductory Arabic lesson after film screening on Palestine)

I was blessed to stumble upon Arabic-Tutor.co.uk and find Talha. After several failed attempts at learning Arabic in the past, I have finally found someone who is clearly a very gifted teacher. As well as having great knowledge of the Arabic language, I have found that Talha is extremely patient and ensures that the lessons are tailored to my needs as opposed to trying to stick to a pre-determined syllabus which may not suit everyone. I would not hesitate to recommend Talha, and hope that I can continue my Arabic journey with him for the foreseeable future.
Omar (Beginner)

Talha has been a very responsive teacher, tailoring lessons to my level and requirements. He is very methodical and thorough and makes sure to pick up on anything I am struggling with and not moving on until I fully understand. 
Carrie (Beginner)